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Electrodynamic Test Machine
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The marketplace offers a wide range of choices when it comes to buying test machines and equipment. The choices continue to grow.

TestResources offers:

  • Full Spectrum of motion control technologies - each with their own application sweet spot;
    • Electromechanical 
    • Electrodynamic
    • Servo Hydraulic
    • Servo Pneumatic
    • Hybrids of options listed above
  • Over twenty different load frames
  • Over one hundred tensile grips and fixtures
  • Full line of accessories including chambers and extensometers
  • Experienced test support in configuring your machine
  • Experienced test support in using your machine
  • Experienced test support in identifying industry standard specifications

Even for those experienced with material testing, it is not unusual for our applications engineers to uncover an overlooked consideration or perhaps even a misunderstanding about your test requirements.

Testing Expert? Most of the time we can find you a better solution than you can on your own. Sometimes with only three questions.

We often get calls from experienced test engineers who know exactly what they need. It is just as common for us to help them find a configuration that better meets their needs. Recently, we had an experienced customer call asking for an 830 Axial Torsion Test Machine. Rather than simply fulfilling the order, our engineer began asking questions:

  • “Do you need both axial and torque measurements?”
  • “Do you expect a lot of angular displacement before it fails?”
  • “Do you need cyclic loading or just static twist?”

With these three questions our engineer was able to shrink this customer’s price by 75%!

Certainly the 830 machine would have done a great job but for this customer, the 160 Family Torsional Electromechanical Test Machine did everything he needed. We might not be able to save you 75%, but maybe we can—give us a call. 

Clevis Pin Grips for Tensile Testing

 Not sure what you need? Every call is immediately directed to an experienced engineer who has the technical expertise to create a solution tailored to your application.

As engineers we love challenges. Recently a materials research scientist called us, unsure of the right solution for his unique tensile test of a small irradiated ceramic material. The major challenges with this test included the tiny specimen size (a little less than an inch long and .03 inch thick) and testing at temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. The sliver of ceramic was so brittle that it could snap at the slightest twist.

In addition, pure tensile force was needed to achieve the desired results. While the customer was at a loss for which kind of grips to purchase, our grip specialist was able to configure a surprisingly simple clevis pin grip at a surprisingly low price. This is just one example of how we have configure test solutions to unique requirements for 1000’s of different applications.

Whether you know exactly what you want or need thinking through your requirements our engineers are happy and able to help. Give us a call now.

Because of our extensive product offering we are able to offer a machine configuration that performs as well or better for significantly less money. Tailored solutions, if they cost more we’d call them custom!

Our test experts help you select the optimal configuration that meets all of your specifications—including your budget. And because of our Smart Design if we don’t have a standard product for your specific test requirements, we will provide you with a solution tailored to your unique needs, for a surprisingly reasonable cost.