611 Universal Test Machines

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611 Universal Test Machine


Model #
Force Capacity
600 kN (135000 lbf)
Max Force Capacity
600 kN (135,000 lbf)
Static Tension/Compression
Control Channel
Maximum Speed
76 mm/min (3 in/min)
Vertical Test Space
690 mm (27.1 in)
Horizontal Test Space
570 mm (22.4 in)
Load Cell Capacity
600 kN (135000 lbf)
Actuator Stroke
200 mm (8 in)
Floorstanding Universal Test Machine The 611 high force hydraulic universal test machine is the best choice for performing static tension applications when high force capacity is needed, such as testing metals and metal products. The 611 test machine features large diameter columns and rugged components for superior frame stiffness and durability with capacities up to 600 kN (135,000 lbf). Can also perform compressive, bend, fracture, and shear tests.


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