120-500-12 Universal Test Machines

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120-500 Universal Test Machine


Model #
Force Capacity
2200 N (500 lbf)
Static Tension/Compression
500 mm/min (20 ipm)
Control Channel
Maximum Speed
300 mm/m (12 ipm)
Vertical Test Space
965 mm (38 in)
Horizontal Test Space
406 mm (16 in)
Load Cell Capacity
2200 N (500 lbf)
Actuator Stroke
300 mm (12 in)
Higher Force Dual Column Universal Test Machine The 120-500-12 dual column electromechanical universal test machine is uniquely capable of testing wide samples accross the entire area of the test specimen. The column width and test space can be affordably customized to fit wide width samples up to 38 in. The actuator can be positioned horizontally along the cross beam to test the sample from edge to edge. The unique capability of this test system is applicable to large samples such as mattresses, cushions, pillows, and any other large samples where test data is required for the entire sample surface. The 120 performs quasi-static tests including tensile, compression, creep and stress relaxation. This system is the best for testing at lower forces in repetitive test applications. The dual column design provides increased space between columns for testing large samples or inside chambers.


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