110-250-12 Low Force C Type Test Machines

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110-250-12 Universal Test Machine


Model #
Force Capacity
1100 N (250 lbf)
Static Tension/Compression
Control Channel
Maximum Speed
760 mm/m (30 ipm)
Vertical Test Space
533 mm (21 in)
Horizontal Test Space
432 mm (17 in)
Load Cell Capacity
1100 N (250 lbf)
Actuator Stroke
300 mm (12 in)
Low Force Tabletop C Frame Test Machine The 110-250-12 wide throat single column C Type electromechanical test machine provides double the space compared to other universal test machines for testing larger samples, which works great for testing foam products or other soft materials. It is the ideal solution for performing low force tests such as tensile, compression, peel-adhesion, flexural-bend, shear, tear, friction and cyclic at loads. Commonly used for Indentation Load Deflection (ILD and IFD) of foam, materials and product tests and destructive and proof load tests.


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  • 110-250-12 Universal Test Machines
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