The 960 Series Servohydraulic Torsional Test Systems are designed for static and fatigue tests of rotary components such as axles, couplings, drive shafts, and universal joints. Each torsional tester is configured to match rotary displacement and torsional load test requirements. We offer seven models of static double vane rotary actuators with 100 degree rotation with ratings from 1,237 Nm (11,000 lbf∙in) up to 78.7 kNm (696 klbf∙in). Each test system includes a rotary actuator, servovalve, hydraulic subsystem including power pack rated to match torque and displacement performance requirements, choice of static Q Series or fatigue based L Series digital servocontroller, torque cell, digital encoder, reaction brackets, anti-thrust bearings, and test table.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular product line of actuators, benches and controllers.
  • Wide range of torque cells serves a variety of applications.
  • Configurations with 100° rotation, 280° rotation, and unlimited rotational travel.
  • Configurable systems matching torque and speed needs.
  • High precision angle and torque measurement.
  • Easy to use control, measurement, analysis software.
  • Closed loop of torque, angle and other feedback sensors.
  • 12 month warranty and customer support services.
  • Create waveforms such as ramp, dwell, cyclic, sinusoidal and repeat mode (block).
  • Test fixtures and frame configurations made to requirements.


Model Max Force Speed Travel
960Q & 960L Seven rotary actuators rated 1,237 Nm (11,000 lbf∙in) up to 78.7 kNm (696 klbf∙in) Fatigue rating depends upon dynamic requirements - typically 3 Hz Continuous rotation - clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW)