560T3-125 Torsion Test Machines

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560T3-100 Torsion Test Machine


Model #
Column Spacing
All-Electric Dynamic
Control Channel
Maximum Speed
350 rpm
Torsion Capacity
125 Nm (1100 in-lbf)
Load Cell Capacity
200 Nm (1775 in-lbf)
Actuator Stroke
Adjustable Test Space
0 to 400 mm (16 in)
Torsion Test Machine The 560T3-125 torsion test machine features a torsionally stiff reaction frame with a motor mounted rigidly to a baseplate. The baseplate includes sliding bearings and a second reaction plate with a torque cell mounted to it. The 560T3 is used to test a variety of materials and components. The test frame is compact and applies where space is limited.