560 Series Torsion Test Machine

560 Series Electrodynamic Torsion Test Systems are capable of static, dynamic and fatigue testing applications with models available up to 285 Nm (2500 lbf∙in). Horizontal and vertical benchtop configurations are available. The product line consists of several controllers, actuators, frames and fixtures. Our high resolution 24 bit controller and test software feature high speed PID control integrated with a T type electromagnetic motor selected for torque and speed requirements.

The system is capable of static constant angular speed or torsion load rate tests with a cyclic mode for repetitive sinusoidal or triangular waveforms that can cycle between angular positions or torque load limits. Tests last millions of cycles, or until sample failure. The system requires 110V (220V optional) electrical power.

Features and Benefits

  • Tabletop or benchtop style vertical or horizontal frame.
  • Includes anti-thrust (axial load) bearings.
  • Electrodynamic motor with position encoder.
  • Controller for angle and torque measurement and control
  • Fatigue rated torque cell and angular position measuring digital encoder.
  • Test software to setup, run, save data, analysis and report generation.
  • Wide range of compatible optional accessories including chucks, engineered fixtures, environmental chambers, etc.
  • 12 month warranty and customer support services.
  • Meets or exceeds national and international accuracy standards for materials testing systems.


Model 560LTE7 560LT14 560LT95 560LTD200
Figure Capacity 12 Nm (105 lbf∙in)  18.8 Nm (165 lbf∙in)  135 Nm (1190 lbf∙in)  281 Nm (2500 lbf∙in) 
Stall or Static Capacity  7 Nm (62 lbf∙in)  14 Nm (124 lbf∙in)  95 Nm (843 lbf∙in)  200 Nm (1775 lbf∙in)  
Speed at Full Load 1,500 RPM  1,500 RPM  2,000 RPM  250 RPM  


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