TestResources’ 404-ANSI-Z87.1 drop weight impact test machine is designed to test glass and plastic products to determine impact shatter resistance per ANSI Z87.1 specifications for the safety of the end user. It is equipped with an electromagnet to automatically release the weighted projectile. The automatic release of the electromagnet reduces the likeliness of test errors due to manually releasing the projectile.

ANSI Z87.1 defines a drop test of a 68 gram steel ball and a similar drop test of a 500 gram pointed steel projectile. The drop projectile is held at drop height by the electromagnet. The drop height can be adjusted from 5 to 200 cm. The specimen is placed on an ANSI-certified head form, within a catch box. The test is initiated by the test operator by pushing a button to disengage the electromagnet and allow the projectile to drop onto the target test specimen such as safety glasses, goggles and faceshields. This is a simple destructive test: the specimen passes the test if it does not shatter; it fails if it shatters.


Falling Height 5 cm to 200 cm
Drop Weight 68 gram round steel ball or 500 gram pointed steel projectile
Specimen Frame Extruded aluminum single column frame
Standards ANSI Z87.1