4625-D1238 Melt Flow Indexer

Melt Indexer is made according to ASTM D1238. MI value means to measure polymeric material at certain temperature and under fixed load, the flow extrusion weight within specific time. Therefore, melt Indexer can test melt polymeric material flow speed rate, the higher M1 value means fluidity is also higher.



Counter Accuracy ±0.01s
 Piston Push Rod Weight 100g
Heater Size 9.55±0.01
Counter Weights 1100g, 2060g, 3700g, 4900g
Optional Accessory Gravity Meter
 Use Temperature 100~360°C
Hole Mold 2.095±0.005
Weight 30 kg
Dimension 60x30x43 cm
Accessories Cleaning Brush, Measuring Cups, Funnel