Burst Tester

The 4115-D2210 Burst Tester is made specifically to measure bursting strength using oil pressure. The machine is designed to measure the force required to crack the grain of leather by steady hydraulic pressure on a diaphragm of definite diameter applied to the flesh side of the specimen to form a sphere. This machine can also be used to test burst strength in raw paper, corrugated paper, synthetic leather and fiber.

This easy to use machine allows you safety and control of your test. Gauges on this pressurized tester ensure repeatability with equal pressure for each test. The 4115-D2210 Burst Tester tests bursting strength in accordance with the following standards:


  • ASTM D2210
  • TAPPI TT403
  • JIS L1096/L1018/P112/P8131

This Burst Tester can also be configured to test per many other standards such as ASTM D774, ASTM D751, TAPPI T807, and much more.

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