404D Drop Tester

TestResources 404D Series machine is designed according to ASTM D1709 standard test for impact resistance of plastic film by a free falling dart. The machine can used to test according to the practices of ASTM D1709 method A and method B. Method A uses an aluminum drop dart and Method B uses a stainless steel drop dart. Materials used with this machine include plastic film, plastic sheet, and lamination materials.

The 404D Series test machine also meets the requirement of ISO 7765-1, which has very similar content to ASTM D1709. Impact resistance of plastic films is determined by dropping a hemisphere dart head directly into the film from a specific height. The weight of the dropped dart is changed until a 50% failure rate of the film occurs.


  • Falling Height: 66 ± 1 cm (ASTM D1709 Method A)
  • Falling Height: 152.4 cm (ASTM D1709 Method B)
  • Drop Dart Diameter: 38.1 mm (Both Method A and Method B of ASTM D1709)
  • Method A Drop Dart Weight: 32 ± 2 g (min) to 300 g (max)
  • Method B Drop Dart Weight: 320 ± 2 g (min) to 1310 g (max)
  • Specimen Frame: ID 120 mm, OD 150 mm
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