The Izod digital impact tester from TestResources is a low energy impact machine for testing the impact resistance of plastic specimens. The machine can be equipped with 5 different hammers to change the potential energy of the system. The machine features a digital controller that calculates impact energy and impact angle. The impact resistance can be used to determine impact stress by entering the specimen size into the machine. The machine used a non contact sensor to reduce friction while measure the angle of the arm, resulting in less than 2.5% energy loss. The machine is equipped with both a manual and automatic start. The 402J is also built to dampen out harmonic oscillations during the test.


  • Variable capacity
  • Testing result displays: Impact Capacity, and Angle.
  • Special with protective net and safety bolt.
  • Manual operation or Auto start function
  • Digital controller which calculates impact energy, and impact angle
  • Automatically calculate the impact stress by simply entering specimen size
  • Noncontact sensor reduces the effect of friction during testing
  • Sturdy base that minimizes harmonic oscillations
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