574LE2 for testing soft tissue

TestResources’ 574 Series Electrodynamic Planar Biaxial test systems provide researchers new abilities to characterize and evaluate quasi-static, dynamic and fatigue performance of low strength materials under planar biaxial loading conditions. With the 574 system, you can perform virtually any mechanical test used to characterize material properties.

Each of our systems are provided as a complete test solution with test table or benches in capacities ranging from very low force biomedical configurations of 22N full scale to general materials testing applications that require higher force configurations rated up to ± 30 kN (6750 lbf). We will work with you to configure a solution that meets your unique application requirements. 


Transducers include load and position encoder based measurements with both contacting and non contacting strain based extensometers available. The video extensometer uses digital image correlation (DIC) technology.

Four Channel Test Controller

All system configurations feature high precision load and optional strain control on two synchronized axes which makes it possible to create controlled complex biaxial stress and strain test states. The system is user programmable for static tensile/compression and fatigue tests on flat test samples. Our four channel closed loop servo controller controls all four actuators independently to move in synchronized opposing directions on two axis perpendicular to each other. Independent control allows the ability to keep one or more actuators operating with different parameters for possible unequal states of stress testing methods.

Four Actuators

The actuators and load cells are specifically matched to your load and speed application requirements. Each actuator includes high precision noise free digital position encoders. Our 24 bit controller increases resolution for analog transducers such as LVDT, load cell, and extensometers. Our controllers set a new performance standard for low noise floor, delivering better than 0.02% on raw data; even better than that when used with the unit's digital filters.


  • Modular System Design: This system is an expandable solution designed so that you can integrate additional actuators (e.g. torsion) to create new system configurations. You can grow your test solution when needs change or evolve. The system includes four independently controlled actuators that enables you to test your samples in different states of stress or in equibiaxial conditions. The actuators can be user reconfigured and set up as four independent uniaxial test stations. The controls are capable of either mode - single 4 channel controlled planar biaxial or 4 stations of single channel control (e.g. multi-station control).
  • Actuator Technology: This actuator is uniquely suited for low to high force applications with high stability and excellent controllable response at test speeds to 15 hz. It is a perfect solution for static and fatigue testing applications. Each actuator will stroke 75 mm (3 in) with options up to 450 mm (18 in). Actuator displacement is measured to 0.1 micron resolution using integrated position encoders.
  • Flexible High Resolution Controller: Four channels of independent load, position and strain control make it ideal for static, dynamic and fatigue tests including tension, compression, shear, stress relaxation, and creep. It is ideal for single channel uniaxial tests, multiaxial tests and multi station test setups. Maximum data acquisition rate is 5,000 hz and includes high resolution (24 bit) data acquisition. With this control quality, all 574 models can perform sub gram load controlled tests.
  • Test Data Analysis: Data is available in ASCII and CSV file formats for further user analysis in applications like Excel or Matlab. Our design goal is to give you, the test researcher, the freedom to ‘do it your way’ when it matters most.
  • Remote Data Monitoring: Use any windows based computer to run your machine. Our controllers use TCP/IP technology to connect to any PC in your lab. We do not customize your PC and this means you can monitor the status of those long term tests from your desktop PC.


  • Strain measurement and control
  • Choice of load cells – selected to match sample and application requirements
  • Integrated standalone video extensometer with DIC technology

System Specifications

Model  Applications  Max Force Capacity 
574LE1 Low Force  ± 100 N (22 lbf)
574LE2 Low Force  ± 1,500 N (350 lbf) 
574LE3  Moderate Force ± 5 kN (1,125 lbf)
574LE4  Moderate Force ± 15 kN (3,375 lbf)
574LE5  Moderate Force ± 30 kN (6,750 lbf)


Planar Biaxial Test

  • Low Forces - Biomedical (574LE1 and 574LE2)
  • Moderate Forces - (574LE3, 574LE4, 574LE5)
    • Sheet metal
    • Hard foams
    • Hyperelastic rubber
    • Fibre reinforced polymer composites
    • Silicone elastomers
    • Flexible materials and rigid substrates


Each system includes sample grips or test fixtures, strain measurement and strain control options, chambers and bathes to produce a controlled test media. We are experts at supplying turnkey systems with integrated fixturing and strain measurement instrumentation.

  • Biomedical Bathes for soft tissues and biological samples
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Extensometers
  • Grips and Fixtures compatible with environments

Planar Biaxial Test Machine Video