Versatile controls for any test machine

Newton is TestResources' powerful computer-based hardware, software, and control platform for electrostatic, electrodynamic and servohydraulic test systems.

Buy what you need when you need it

Add features and capabilities at any time

From a single axis to multichannel fatigue


Universal, Fatigue & Multichannel

Specification-to-specification match up to every other brand

The Newton platform offers 3 software packages that were created to perform a variety of test applications. All packages are designed to be configured as entry-level or premium bundles, however, they can be customized to meet exact customer requirements.

  Newton Universal automates electromechanical and electrohydraulic static test machines.
  • Constant rate control of position, load or strain
  • Single and dual segment tests
  • Cyclic testing to defined endpoints
  Newton Fatigue provides measurement and control of electrodynamic, fatigue and servohydraulic test applications.
  • Constant amplitude control of load, position or strain
  • Powerful test profile builder
  • 1 to 4 channels of input/output
  Newton Multichannel controls up to four actuators synchronized to each other by phase or in a master-slave.
  • 2 Channel
  • 3 Channel
  • 4 Channel

"We love our Newton controllers. We’re using them on two new compression systems that we bought to replace some old Tinius Olsons. One thing that we like about the Newton controllers in particular is the new control software that has the two modes, one for the test engineer to set up the testing protocols, and one for the system user to simply run them. The software’s simple drop-down menu of our pre-defined testing protocols allows them to choose between multiple tests at the same station making lab logistics much simpler for us. If I had the budget, I’d buy Newton controllers for the rest of my machines, too!"

Christine Mulvey, Duke University

For New Test Machines & Upgrades

Compatible with any brand test machine | New or Used

Not only is Newton the best solution for all TestResources test machines but it is completely compatible with all other brands of test machines. You now have the power to upgrade existing test machines with the integration of a Newton controller and software package. You shouldn’t have to replace your test system just because it’s older and the technology is out-of-date. Newton gives you the option to simply upgrade your current electrostatic, electrodynamic or servohydraulic test machine with a new controller so that you can benefit from new technology and up-to-date innovations. It doesn’t matter if you have a TestResources test machine or another brand, we can help.

Buy What You Need When You Need it

Newton grows with you!

Since Newton allows you to buy what you need when you need it, you have the flexibility to grow and add features at your own pace. Your controller and software can be easily enhanced at any time by downloading standard or customized features, capabilities and analysis.

Add New Features and Capabilities at Any Time

Pre-configured solutions meet customer specifications and budget for a wide range of test applications. Industry standard specific software modules, enhanced features and custom calculations are just a few of the options to choose from with Newton.

  • TestVideo Recording & Playback
  • TestCalc Real-time & Post Test
  • TestComply FDA Title 21 CFR compliance
  • Paper Tensile Test Module
  • ASTM Software Modules
  • ISO Software Modules
  • Stress/Strain Control Modules
  • Load Control Module

… And many more! 

Choose from 190+ preconfigured solutions

How to Configure Your Newton

Configure Your Newton by Material or Sample  
  • Adhesive Testing Software
  • Composites Testing Software
  • Cement Testing Software
  • Foam Testing Software
  • Metals Testing Software
  • Plastics Testing Software
  • Rubber Testing Software
  • And many more!


Configure Your Newton by Application  
  • Axial Torsion Test Software
  • Bend Test Software
  • Compression Test Software
  • Fatigue Test Software
  • Impact Test Software
  • Planar Biaxial Test Software
  • Tensile Test Software
  • And many more!


Configure Your Newton by Standard   
  • ASTM A370 Software
  • ASTM C773 Software
  • ASTM C947 Software
  • ASTM D3574 Software
  • ASTM D412 Software
  • ASTM D624 Software
  • ASTM D638 Software
  • ASTM D790 Software
  • ASTM F88 Software
  • ASTM E8 Software
  • ISO 13503-2 Software
  • And many more!


Contact us, we will help you configure your Newton.

Logical Workflow Design

Newton’s logical workflow design makes running a test a breeze. Run a test in as little as 3 steps.