810E4-15 Dynamic & Fatigue Test Machines

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810E4-15 Dynamic & Fatigue Test Machine


Model #
Force Capacity
15 kN (3370 lbf)
Maximum Dynamic Frequency
15 Hz
Fatigue Tension/Compression
Column Spacing
All-Electric Dynamic or Electromechanical
Control Channel
Maximum Speed
100 mm/sec (4 ips)
Vertical Test Space
800 mm (32 in)
Horizontal Test Space
405 mm (16 in)
Actuator Stroke
140 mm (5.6 in)
Tabletop Fatigue Test Machine The 810E4-15 all-electric test machine is optimized for both dynamic and static testing and is the ideal solution for a wide range of materials and components. This system delivers high performance without the need for expensive hydraulic or pneumatic air supplies.


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  • 810E4-15 Dynamic & Fatigue Test Machines
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