830 Series Axial Torsion Test Machines serve static, dynamic and fatigue testing applications where a material, product or device experiences combined axial and torsional loading conditions.

The 830 utilizes electrodynamic actuators which are more affordable than the 930 series servohydraulic counterpart, and covers a broad set of applications, including ultra low force testing of soft tissues to moderate force (50 kN or 11,250 lbf) static, dynamic and fatigue tests of products and components. The 830 is our most affordable axial torsional test machine when axial forces lie between 5 kN (1,125 lbf) and 50 kN (11,250 lbf).

830 Series all electric dynamic test systems compete well with servohydraulic test systems. Compared to Servohydraulic Axial Torsion Test Machines, the 830 All Electric Dynamic Test Machine offers several advantages:

  • No messy oil
  • Lower purchase price
  • Lower maintenance costs and efforts
  • Lower cost efficient energy requirements
  • Lower noise - office use
  • Smaller footprint (true tabletop)
  • Superior load quality and test results at low forces (5 N and below)


  • Unlimited travel in both clockwise (CW) and counter clockwise (CCW) directions
  • Independent or synchronized control channels
  • Closed loop control of axial load, torque, crosshead position, angle and other feedback sensors
  • Test waveforms include ramp, dwell, cyclic, sinusoidal and repeat mode (block)
  • High precision load, position, angle and torque measurement
  • High resolution (24 bit) data acquired at speeds up to 5,000 Hz
  • High resolution digital encoders measure crosshead position and angular position
  • Maximum Test frequency 15 Hz
  • Combined load and torque sensors
  • 12 month warranty and customer support services


  • Crosshead lifts
  • T slotted baseplate
  • Station conversion kit to reconfigure axial/torsion to axial station and torsion station
  • Choices of different load/torque/speed actuators
  • Expanded multichannel controller
  • Extended axial strokes

830 axial torsion machines are assembled with modular product elements, so you can configure them to meet your application requirements.

  • Want to expand an existing 800 Series axial test frame to biaxial? Just add a torsion channel
  • Want to test to 500 Nm? Just substitute a static rated high torque torsion motor
  • Transform your 830 system to become two separated stations – one linear and the other torsion to increase your machine throughput


Models 530LE2 830LE3 830LE4 830LE5 830LE6
Max Force Capacity ± 2.5 kN (550 lbf) ± 5 kN (1,125 lbf) ± 15 kN (3,375 lbf) ± 30 kN (6,750 lbf)   ± 50 kN (11,250 lbf)
Max Axial Speed 200 mm/s (8 in/s) 125 mm/s (5 in/s) 250 mm/s (10 in/s) 100 mm/s (4 in/s)  100 mm/s (4 in/s) 
Max Frequency 15 Hz 15 Hz 15 Hz 15 Hz 15 Hz
Static Torque Capacity  ± 10 Nm (90 lbf∙in) ± 25 Nm to 180 Nm
(220 lbf∙in to 1,600 lbf∙in) 
± 25 Nm to 180 Nm
(220 lbf∙in to 1,600 lbf∙in) 
 ± 25 Nm to 180 Nm
(220 lbf∙in to 1,600 lbf∙in)
 ± 25 Nm to 180 Nm
(220 lbf∙in to 1,600 lbf∙in)
Frame Style Compact Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop Table or Floor Standing Floor Standing




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