530E2 Axial Torsion Test Machines

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530E2 Axial Torsion Test Machine


Model #
Force Capacity
1.5 kN (350 lbf)
Maximum Dynamic Frequency
15 Hz
Control Channel
Torsion Capacity
10 Nm (88 in-lbf)
Low Capacity Axial Torsion Test Machine The 530E2 axial torsion test machine serves static, dynamic and fatigue testing applications where a material, product or device experiences combined axial and torsional loading conditions. Ideal for applications that require a dynamic speed range and situations where table space is limited. The 530E2 frame can be placed vertically or horizontally on a table. Commonly used for low force biological tissue applications.


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  • 530E2 Axial Torsion Test Machines
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