530 Series Axial Torsion Test Machine

530 series Electrodynamic axial torsion test systems are used for axial, torsional and biaxial or combined mode static, fatigue and dynamic tests common to medical device, orthopedic research, and product testing applications. Electrodynamic axial torsion fatigue testers perform loading consisting of combined linear and rotary motion. They can be optionally configured with 2nd station hardware and the user can then reconfigure a single station machine into two independent stations - one torsional and the other axial. The controller performs static and dynamic mechanical tests, including material characterization and fatigue life testing.

These all electric test machines include actuators configured to force, speed and travel requirements, digital high resolution servo controller, and test control, measurement and analysis software. An axial torsion load cell ensures high accuracy measurement and control. Test grips and fixtures are mounted to the load call and machine baseplate. The system is capable of constant speed, load rate, high speed one time impact, and high speed load controlled fatigue tests.

The 530 series axial torsional electrodynamic biaxial fatigue test machines are configured to application requirements using a modular line of actuators and control configurations. Our electrodynamic product line is field tested and proven, with test systems in operation for a decade. The 530 is available with forces ranging up to 3 kN (675 lbf). The 830 Series serves forces up to 24.5 kN (5,500 lbf) and the 930 servohydraulic series is for higher force applications.

530LE2-T6 Axial Torsion Test Machine

Features & Benefits

  • Load frame engineered to customer application (e.g. benchtop lightweight for both horizontal and vertical usage).
  • Axial test frequencies to 15 Hz; Torsional frequencies to 30 Hz.
  • Axial torsional load cell accurate from 100% to 1% of rating. Accuracy ±0.5% of indicated load within load cell rated force range.
  • Low cost, maintenance free, all-electric operation. Eliminate noisy pump and oil spills.
  • Compact tabletop or optional floor standing design with lightweight actuators.
  • Two Controllers to choose from: 2370 most affordable small box and 2360 expandable big box with up to 80 feedback channels & 8 channels of control.
  • Wide range of compatible optional accessories including tensile grips, compression and bend fixtures, environmental chambers, extensometers, etc.
  • 12 month warranty and customer support services.



Model E223P1 E213P2
Fatigue Rating ±800 N (183 lbf)  ±2,500 N (580 lbf)  
Speed max  420 mm/sec (16 in/s)   210 mm/sec (8 in/s)  
Stroke max 75 mm (± 1.5 in)  150 mm (± 3 in)  
Frequency Range 0.00001 to 15 Hz  0.00001 to 15 Hz
Position resolution  0.2 micron  0.1 micron  

Torsional Servoactuator

Torque Rating ±6 Nm (53 lbf∙in) ±20 Nm (175 lbf∙in)
Rated Speed  1,200°/ sec  600°/ sec  
Max Speed   3,000°/ sec  1,500°/ sec  
Stroke Continuous   Continuous 
Frequency  0.00001 to 15 Hz  0.00001 to 15 Hz  


530 Series Axial Torsion Fatigue Test Machine Literature