313AT Axial Torsion Test Machines

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313AT Axial Torsion Test Machine


Model #
Force Capacity
50 kN (11250 lbf)
Control Channel
Crosshead Travel
1190 mm (47 in)
Vertical Test Space
1360 mm (54 in)
Horizontal Test Space
406 mm (16 in)
Torsion Capacity
100 Nm (900 in-lbf)
High Capacity Universal Test Machine with Torsional Add-on The 313AT torsion channel add-on package expands a universal test machine into a system that performs both torsion and combined axial-torsion (biaxial) tests. 313AT add-ons deliver great versatility at an affordable price for anyone that seeks the benefits of a universal test machine combined with torsion and biaxial test applications.


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