310AT Axial Torsion Test Machines

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310AT Axial Torsion Test Machine


Model #
Force Capacity
5 kN (1125 lbf)
Control Channel
Crosshead Travel
980 mm (39 in)
Maximum Speed
1000 mm/m (40 ipm)
Vertical Test Space
1100 mm (43 in)
Horizontal Test Space
426 mm (16.8 in)
Torsion Capacity
20 Nm (177 in-lb)
Low Capacity Universal Test Machine with Torsional Add-on The 310AT torsion channel add-on package expands a universal test machine into a system that performs both torsion and combined axial-torsion (biaxial) tests. 310AT add-ons deliver great versatility at an affordable price for anyone that seeks the benefits of a universal test machine combined with torsion and biaxial test applications.


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