130 Series Axial Torsion Machine

130 Series Electromechanical Axial Torsion Test Machines serve static and slow speed cyclic biaxial test applications. Electromechanical actuators are more affordable than higher speed fatigue rated actuators common to electrodynamic or servohydraulic systems. This series is required for tests which require combined axial loads with twisting motions. 130 Series configuration include a linear and torsion actuator, two channel servocontroller, control and measurement software, axial-torsion cell, position encoders, load frame, and biaxial test fixtures matched to your test samples.


  • Unlimited rotational travel in both CW and CCW directions
  • Two independent/synchronized PID control channels
  • Closed loop control of axial load, torque, crosshead position, angle and other feedback sensors
  • Test waveforms such as ramp, dwell, cyclic, sinusoidal and repeat mode (block)
  • High precision load, position, angle and torque measurement
  • High resolution (24 bit) data acquired at rates up to 5,000 Hz
  • High resolution digital encoders to measure crosshead and angular position
  • Combined load and torque sensors
  • 12 month warranty
  • Meets or exceeds national and international accuracy standards for materials testing systems


  • Configured to load, torque and speed requirements
  • Choice of load/torque sensors
  • Accessories


Model 130LA1 130LA2 130LA3
Type Electromechanical Electromechanical Electromechanical
Max Axial Force ± 222 N (50 lbf) ± 2,220 N (500 lbf) ± 5 kN (1,125 lbf)
Max Axial Speed 1,270 mm/m (50 in/min) 1,000 mm/min (40 in/min) 1,000 mm/min (40 in/min)
Max Frequency 2 Hz 2 Hz 2 Hz
Torque Rating ± 10 Nm (87 lbf∙in) ± 28 Nm (250 lbf∙in) ± 20 Nm (177 lbf∙in)
Max Angular Speed 68 RPM 10 RPM 60 RPM
Frame Style Horizontal Vertical Vertical
Applications Luer Tests ISO 594 Biomedical ASTM F543 & D7860




130 Series Electromechanical Axial Torsion Test Machine Literature