What is an Upgrade or Retrofit?

Upgrades and Controller retrofits allow users of electromechanical and servohydraulic testing equipment to upgrade or retrofit test frames with the latest and most advanced test controllers and software. High maintenance costs, increasing periods of downtime, and parts obsolescence are the primary reasons that companies choose to retrofit or upgrade their system. In many cases, reconditioning the system controller is the best choice, while in other cases, selecting the trade-in option provides a better solution.

How is an Upgrade Installed?

The mechanical components of the test frame are left intact while the old electronics and analog modules are replaced with all new test controllers and software. A field service engineer from TestResources installs the new controller on the existing frame located at the user’s site.

Which Test Frames can be Upgraded?

We have experience in refurbishing static electromechanical and hydraulic test machines and also servohydraulic fatigue test machines manufactured by Instron , MTS/Sintech , United , Tinius Olsen , Baldwin  and other manufacturers. Upgrades are available based on the type of test equipment you are using.

Machine Repair and Refurbishing

TestResources offers test machine repair, refurbishing and calibration services for our customers. We have been supplying test machines for almost twenty years and we make sure that once you purchase a TestResources machine that we will be here to offer the lasting support you need.

Why choose TestResources for your machine refurbishing and repair?

  • Service is responsive to your time requirements. We will get equipment repaired fast so you can get back to work sooner
  • Detail-oriented engineers will make sure your machine is in top shape to get the results you require
  • Responsive phone and email technical support for as long as you own your machine

We have offered test machine repair for customers who purchased their machines over 20 years ago. Our products last and we will provide the support you need to keep them going. At TestResources, our technical support engineers are the same experts who repair the products. Call or contact us today and our experts will get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Used Test Machines

TestResources is recognized globally for delivering reliable, low maintenance and budget-friendly solutions. Although we primarily sell new test machines, we sometimes offer used test machines. See our availability of used, reconditioned and retrofitted tensile testers, bend test machines, peel testers, shear test machines, compression testers, etc.

Most test machines can be upgraded with the Newton controller. Learn more about Newton

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