BudgetingCreating a reasonable financial budget is a common necessity for our customers and we have extensive experience supporting the process. Many customers need price estimates for our test equipment to assess a rough return on investment. Although TestResources equipment is generally the cost-effective choice, compared to other manufacturers or contracting outside testing services, we are happy to offer a quick price check to help determine the best option for you. We understand the purchasing process and are willing to support your requests with responsive service.

Support comes in a variety of forms. We can help you determine a budget for purchases near term or in settings such as capital equipment budgets for the next fiscal year. Even if your project currently lacks the details, we are skilled in supporting realistic prices anticipated for purchases over a year away.

Our engineers strive to make your purchase a smooth one, and we will help create a practical budget for your test equipment plans. We can make it easy for you to present a testing budget to your work team or boss at no extra cost. Budgets are often needed in a very timely manner, therefore we make sure to always provide responsive service.

TestResources can create budgets for:

  • Near term purchases or next years’ capital equipment budget
  • Researchers who are submitting grants commonly need supporting budgetary quotes
  • Unique testing situations such as extreme temperatures or environments
  • Comparison pricing of test machines vs outside testing services
  • Projections for future related needs including calibrations

Call us today for help with your testing budget.