There are three styles of wedge grips used on universal tensile testing machines. Mechanical or manual lever action wedge action grips are most popular. The advantage of pneumatic or hydraulic wedge grips is that they are needed at higher forces, due to their power assist design.

All wedge action grips perform tensile tests and special hydraulic wedge grips are used for fatigue testing applications. The wisest path to selecting the best grip or clamp for your applications is to contact our applications engineer who will help you choose a solution for your needs, including price.

All wedge grips feature easy specimen loading, self tightening and self alignment. The wedge jaw force increases as sample load increases, so wedge grips are ideal when high clamp load is needed, such as gripping difficult hard materials. Tensile wedge jaw clamps also offer a high mechanical advantage by the way they tighten. As the grip body is drawn up, inclined sides push against the matching side of the faces which move laterally against the specimen. The grip faces are spring loaded on the top, against the body. The open front allows faces to be interchanged as well as easy specimen loading.

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