UTM Test Machine

TestResources is a manufacturer of Strain Testers that are high-quality reliable and attractively priced.  A Strain Tester is more commonly known as a universal test machine. This equipment can be used to perform a wide variety of mechanical tests by pushing in compression or pulling in tension. A Strain Tester can be used universally for any tension and compression based quasi-static mechanical test. They can be used for tensile testing compression testing flexural bend or peel testing simply by changing the fixturing for the test specimen.

The Universal Truth about a Strain Testers

Universal test machines are available in different configurations:  dual column single column and actuator based.  The range of force capacities is 1 to 600 kN (225 lb to 135000 lb).  They are our most popular type of test machine.  

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The Universal Truth about Accessories

Test sample geometrical dimensions strength or load characteristics can vary widely and so can their behavior under different fixture clamping conditions. Extensometers also vary for different types of samples as well. So accessories for UTM test machines vary widely and we offer the widest selection in the mechanical test industry. 

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