Dynamic Test Machine

TestResources is a manufacturer of Spring Fatigue Test Machines that are high-quality reliable and attractively priced. Spring Fatigue Test Machines are used to test the endurance and life of spring materials and products. All of our Spring Fatigue Test Machines can also be used for monotonic tension and compression based mechanical tests. Therefore they are quite versatile. TestResources offers both electrodynamic and servohydraulic Spring Fatigue Test Machines.  TestResources understands the science of fatigue testing.  The link below will connect you with someone who will work with you to determine the best Spring Fatigue Test Machine for your needs.

Spring Fatigue Test Machines

Fatigue test machines are available in several standard configurations that include vertical dual column or single column frames.  Some applications feature tabletop bench solutions. Configurations range from low force applications to loads as high as 600 kN (135000 lb).  Many applications require some engineering support because of the sample specifics. We offer custom solutions. 

Spring Fatigue Test Machine Accessories

Specific test sample geometrical dimensions strength and load characteristics vary widely and so can their behavior under different fixture clamping conditions. Accessories such as tensile grips test fixtures chambers

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