Applications that use wire with a required connection strength need to be tested to guarantee a safe a reliable product. Determining how to test your wire connection and what equipment to use is an important part of the testing process. In general, wire connection lug testing can be broken into two categories; destructive pull testing and non-destructive pull testing. These tests both aim to determine a tensile force that the test wire can withstand. To meet the requirements of specific standard specifications, the tensile force that a wire can withstand must be greater than the minimum tensile strength defined by the standard. .

TestResources designs, manufactures, sells, and supports Testing Equipment that is configured to customer test requirements with test software, and accessories that help evaluate the mechanical properties of materials and components. These general purpose testing machines are used in research and development, and quality control applications to test the strength, elasticity, fatigue durability and properties of wire, cable and lug connections.

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