Torsion Test Machine

TestResources manufactures high-quality long lasting reliable and attractively priced static and dynamic torque testers. These modular torque testers can be configured for static and fatigue torque testing applications.  Dynamic torque testers from TestResources can also be used for static torque tests.  Static torque testers do not have the performance necessary to also be useful for dynamic torque tests.

Dynamic & Static: Torque Testers

Your dynamic torque tester is available in several standard configurations that include static dynamic and biaxial (e.g. with axial load control). Most applications include engineering support because of the difference between different test samples and methods.

Dynamic Biaxial Axial and Torque Testers

You get two channels of control for applications where axial load must be controlled in combination with torque control. 

Dynamic Torque Tester Accessories

Specific test sample geometrical dimensions strength and load characteristics vary widely and so can their behavior under different fixture clamping conditions. Accessories such as tensile grips test fixtures chambers extensometers and sample preparation aids all vary widely - we offer the widest selection in the mechanical test industry. 

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