TestResources Compressive Testing Machines are all configured to match customer application requirements by an applications engineer who selects the best hardware and software modules. Each configuration is optimized based on budget technical requirements and customer preferences.

Load frames are selected based on the maximum force rating and stroke needed for the machine. Choices include vertical single or dual column load frames and horizontal test tables. Dual columns handle large sample sizes environmental chambers and forces of 10 kN (2250 lb) and more. Single column designs are well suited to loads 5 kN (1125 lb) and less.

Load cells are selected based on immediate test requirements which are typically a lower force than the load frames full rating. A load cell is a strain gauged transducer or sensor that measures the test force experienced by the test sample. If a high force test machine is used to perform low force tests a low force load cell is needed to maintain good accuracy. Periodic calibration is usually required.

Machine crosshead test

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