Choose from a variety of peel test machines that meet your specifications and budget 

Example of a 90° peel testPeel testers, or peel test machines, are universal test machines specially configured to determine the adhesive peel strength or the strength of the adhesive bond between two materials. 

Each peel tester is configured to your test requirements by our application engineers with the correct controller, grips, and accessories. That means you get the exact test system that matches the specifications you need and fits within your budget.

Test results are critical to your success, therefore, we make sure our peel testers are optimized to your individual testing needs. Thanks to the modular machine design of our systems, your peel test machine can also be equipped to perform other applications such as tensile, cyclic, shear, flexure, bend, compression, and tear by adding appropriate fixtures.


Series Type Force Range Relative Price
100 Series Electromechanical Up to 9 kN (2,000 lbf) $
200 Series Electromechanical Up to 5 kN (1,125 lbf) $

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Ready to configure your peel test machine?

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You Can Pick the Right Peel Test Machine in 4 Easy Steps

First, select your frame and actuator (Step 1) by series, then complete your system by selecting your controller software(Step 2) and accessories(Step 3). Choose from a wide range of controller software packages, grips, fixtures, chambers, video extensometers and more, are all designed to perform thousands of ASTM, ISO, EN, DIN and JEDEC industry standard test methods.

When you're ready to complete your system, contact us(Step 4), and an application expert will help you optimize your system to your test requirements and budget.

Start by Selecting a Series

Your first step to choosing the correct peel tester is to determine your specimen geometry, size and strength characteristics. Armed with this information our applications engineer can identify the test machine capacity and peel test fixtures needed to pull your sample. The next step is to decide the test data you want which will help confirm the best controller and test software for your test.

Learn more about each series so you can make the right decision.

100 Series Modular Peel Test Machines

Type: Electromechanical
Force: 9 kN (2,000 lbf)

100 Series Electromechanical Peel Test Machines are modular tabletop systems ideal for tensile tests requiring load capacities up to 9 kN (2,000 lbf). This affordable series includes five lightweight load frames and four actuators that deliver different force/speed capacities. We offer several choices of price/performance controllers and test software, and a selection of load cells from the full scale actuator rating down to sub-gram load levels. The 100 Series is our most flexible series, making them a popular choice.

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200 Series Single Column Peel Test Machines

Type: Electromechanical
Force: 5 kN (1,125 lbf)

200 Series Single Column Peel Test Machines are capable of performing both compression and tensile testing applications and feature higher travel and faster speed than the 100 Series. They are available with force capacities up to 5 kN (1,125 lbf) and speeds up to 2,500 mm/min (100 ipm). 200 Series load frames are compact and lightweight and apply to situations where lab table space is limited.

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