One of the simplest and lowest cost mechanical testing devices is a handheld force gauge. This device is similar to a fish weight scale.

Some are mechanical; and some are electronic. Why Not to Use a Handheld Force Gauge on a Peel Test

These devices are versatile and inexpensive. So why wouldn’t you use one for a simple peel test of a label or tape?

Adhesives used in most labels and tapes are viscoelastic material. That means their strain rate varies with the rate of loading. If a peel test is performed too fast the peel forces will be high because the adhesive is fractured before it has a chance to elongate. If the test is performed slower the peel forces will be lower because the adhesive material has a chance to stretch and neck down. Therefore published testing standards recommend a specific rate of pull force in order to ensure good repeatability test to test.

Maintaining a repeatable manual pull rate can be very difficult. Peel angle is also an important consideration. Varying the angle of the peel or pull rate during a test can cause mixed results. TestResources pull test machines are the best solution for repeatable data. TestResources offers fixturing which fits well into our pull test machines to guide consistent peel angles.