Peel tests are performed at a constant test speed to evaluate the peel strength of two bonded materials. TestResources’ peel testers are configured from a modular product line of low force tabletop universal test machines. Universal test machines are capable of performing many different test types. The universal test machine controller software load cells actuator force and speed specifications load frames and peel fixtures are all configured to meet both immediate and future needs. Due to the versatility of our universal test machines our peel testers are the most cost effective solution for any testing application.

Our most popular test machines are the 100 series electromechanical universal test machines. The 100 series is popular because of the numerous configurations available for different test applications including peel tests. This series includes your choice of five load frames four actuators two controllers three software levels and load cells to your test requirements.

What factors determine the cost of a peel tester?

  • Controller/Software requirements
  • Load frame type
  • Actuator stroke/force/speed

After a few simple questions our experienced engineers can provide you with an estimated cost depending on your testing needs. Give us a call today!