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Nobody actually ‘wants’ a used test machine. Customers want affordable solutions and when they are seeking ‘used’ they are signaling that price is extremely important! And they are willing to accept the problems of a pre-owned machine. Customers seeking a used or second hand machine really want a low cost solution.

If you have been searching then you know that all test machines are not created equal for a given application. Your application may be simple or complex but performing the test correctly is the final test of whether a given machine will be acceptable to you.

You probably have encountered concerns and risks of getting the wrong machine for your application. But how do you know? Many times the person selling a used test machine did not even own it when it was last operational. There is no ‘application engineer’ who can advise you or guarantee that you will get your needs met.

The fixtures of the machine being sold almost never work for your specific test samples. The software doesn’t match your PC’s operating system. The load cell is not sized to your sample or your test method or may not even work with the fixtures supplied with the machine.

The risk of getting a machine with operational life remaining depends on the machines history and whether all the parts are with it. That doesn’t get discussed or known. The list goes on.

TestResources sells used test frames with new controllers and software matched to your application. Our inventory of used load frames comes from buying and swapping old frames for new machines and our approach is to place new TestResources controls on each machine. We also sell completely new test machines with models available at prices below $7 500.

TestResources prices tend to be 50% of the price of a new comparable Instron or better so our tabletop test machines are good value compared to the cost to upgrade with new Instron controls.

Grips and Fixtures for all universal tensile test machines – NEW or USED

Grips and Test fixtures depend on your specific test samples and the test method being employed. Some tensile grips handle a wide variety of samples with common styles like mechanical vise grips wedge grips and pneumatic grips. Whether your machine is new or used we help you select the optimal grip or jaw taking into account your test samples. We share the tradeoffs you have including price load capacity jaw design and all the considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Why buy a used Instron UTM with TestResources controls?

  • Work with an experienced application engineer – get our assurance that your machine will serve your test needs and applications
  • Competing options ensure you get your needs met
  • Get more out of your used test machine
  • Perform broader range of standard and custom tests