Thin films are used in many industries and applications, from energy production to medical treatments. These films are typically cut into rectangular shapes of uniform size and then tested according to ASTM D882 and ISO 517-3 standards. These two standards are internationally recognized for their use in the evaluation of physical properties of thin films such as tensile strength and elongation.

Types of Grips for Thin Film Plastics Testing

Finding the right grip for thin film plastics testing can be a tricky process, especially when there are so many options available. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each grip type so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips for Thin Films

Most versatile and provides the most accurate and repeatable results

Pneumatic side action grips provide a flexible gripping for a variety of materials. The gripping force is adjusted based on the inlet air pressure which remains consistent even if the specimen's thickness changes significantly as the sample is stretched. Because thin film samples are likely to become extremely thin during testing, the consistent clamping pressure makes pneumatic side-action grips stand out from other grips and ensures the highest consistency in the results in these materials.

The downside is that pneumatic side action grips can be a little more difficult to operate, as they require the user to apply pressure to the film with the grips, which can be a little more time consuming and difficult, especially for automated applications. Pneumatic side action grips are not effective for testing soft flexible materials.

GD882-229 test fixture meets ASTM D882 requirements.

Roller Grips for Thin Films

Simple to operate and cost effective

Roller grips clamp the sample by a spring loaded smooth steel surfaced horizontal cylinder that presses against a flat surface, carefully squeezing the flat and thin test sample. The line contact points of the two grips are then used for measuring sample strain.

Self-tightening eccentric roller grips used to test soft and flexible samples such...

Accurate and reliable testing of thin film specimens is essential in a variety of industries. Testing thin film specimens without any reduction in gauge length can be challenging due to their fragile nature and potential decrease in cross-sectional area. It’s important to get the right grip for your application. Contact us for help choosing the right grip for your application.