TestResources is announcing our major 2014 facility expansion. In 2014 TestResources saw order volume double leading to an expansion with three times the facility space for system assemblies and quadruple the amount of training space. This new expansion will allow TestResources engineers to shorten lead times and improve customer training.

“We started the whole company with two people in a small office twenty years ago and now we’re here ” said Sales and Engineering Manager Sean O’Fallon “Now we have enhanced flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.”

Doubling headquarters once in 2010 and again in 2014 TestResources attributes our rapid growth to personalized solutions according to customer needs rather than what may conveniently be in stock. Although developing industries such as biomedical research and fracking have driven demand for new test equipment TestResources’ multiplying orders are not limited to any one sector. Our customers cover a wide range of industries around the world including aircraft and defense automotive civil engineering packaging and so much more.

“TestResources’ seemly crazy strategy to spread our attention across all industries has really paid off. We are creating new products in every area ” said General Manager Pete Moscatelli.