The announced partnership between TestResources and TensileMill CNC ushers in a new era for tensile testing applications. This partnership creates a one-stop-shop for all tensile testing needs.

TestResources has been manufacturing a wide variety of mechanical testing machines including universal test machines static and dynamic test machines grips fixtures and testing accessories since 1998. We are formed of a team of experienced application engineers with over 100 years of combined experience in mechanical testing who love to solve fundamental challenges as well as highly technical issues.

TestResources provides solutions to customers testing needs by first collecting information about testing plans and test data needs. With this information our engineers use our experience and knowledge of testing and machine design to develop a unique solution for any testing needs. We have an extensive product line and are dedicated to providing validated testing machines and processes that meet the rigorous demands of their customers. TestResources guarantees your testing success and to exceed your expectations for quality service and value.

TensileMill CNC is a company that offers large and small high speed tensile sample preparation machines designed to prepare the highest quality flat and round tensile specimens. Many manufacturers need information about the mechanical properties of their raw materials which are often in bulk forms such as sheets or rods. Accurate tensile testing results are highly dependent on the preparation of a tensile sample of the raw material that is of the highest quality.

Some manufacturers contract with a machine shop to prepare samples but TensileMill CNC offers customers the ability to machine specimens in-house. TensileMill CNC provides an intuitive and user-friendly tensile software interface and machine enabling the simple control of the specimen machining process from start to finish. Preparing samples in-house eliminates the expense and lead time associated with having specimens prepared by an outside source making it efficient and cost-effective.

The announced partnership of TensileMill CNC TestResources gives manufacturers educational facilities and government organizations a one-stop shopping solution for all tensile specimen needs. It has never been easier and more affordable to bring tensile preparation and tensile testing equipment in-house. TestResources and TensileMill CNC have teamed up to supply machines equipment training and technical support to make and test samples and ensure your success. Contact any of our trusted professionals today to learn more.