Stroke and poke testing is a term which describes versatile testing products that can easily be reconfigured for a variety of tests. Many people prefer stroke and poke testing so they can perform numerous tests without spending a ton of money on extra test equipment. Research and development labs often find this type of testing very valuable.

Stroke and Poke Testing for Research & Development

Stoke and poke testing is valuable for research and development labs because it can be difficult to predict specific future testing needs and many tests are short-term in nature – to answer a specific research question and quickly move on to the next question. It is often a waste of time and money to purchase an entirely new test machine for a tentative upcoming test.

We have had test engineers tell us “I know testing and can make my own frame and specimen fixture. Can you supply me with an actuator which I can configure for different tests on different days? And can you supply me with a controller which is easy to program for a variety of different tests?”

Our answer is yes! TestResources makes several different actuators and controllers that can be used for stroke and poke testing. Each actuator is configured with an integral displacement transducer and load cell so you can run your test in load control or displacement control or a combination of the two. You can also record and analyze load and displacement information. Take a look at our page for building your own test system for a deeper description of our configurable actuators and controllers.

On the other hand test frame fitting and specimen fixturing can be more difficult than it appears. Keep in mind requirements for test space load capacity balance and more. Our application engineers are happy to advise you on your test frame fixtures actuator and controller. Just call or send an email to discuss your stroke and poke testing requirements.