800 Series Fatigue Test Machine

Start by selecting the series based on the maximum force you need. Confirm maximum test speed requirements (linear or cyclic performance) which establishes the size of the actuator and power pack. Each series has modular attributes and expandable and has a wide variety of compatible accessories. All of our controllers work with all of our load frames, load cells and extensometers.

Our test systems are based on servohydraulic and electrodynamic drive technologies which cover the vast majority of servocontrolled fatigue, dynamic, and static testing applications, including testing materials or devices that fail due to high-cycle fatigue, strain controlled fatigue tests, thermo-mechanical fatigue, fracture mechanics, crack propagation, crack growth, fracture mechanics, high strain rate, quasi-static, creep, stress-relaxation, and other types of tests.


Compare Dynamic Rated Fatigue Test Machines to Static Rated Universal Test Machines

Comparing electrodynamic fatigue test machines to servohydraulic test machines