Don't let standard universal test machine controllers restrict your testing requirements. Not everyone can follow typical test standards from start to finish. Research and development often lead to a lot of adjusting and unforeseen changes in testing. User programmable controllers utilizing LabVIEW® and other types of programming languages can be a better option for these types of users.

What are the benefits of user programmable controllers?

Flexibility to customize and control the tool to your satisfaction

We get a lot customers in fields where their product requires research and development. Customers in R & D often cannot follow standard ASTM and ISO test standards. They need to create their own unique tests. User programmable controllers are perfect for people who want to create their own test requirements. Users familiar with LabVIEW® Lab Windows® and other C based programming languages can develop their own control and measurement applications with TestResources M Controllers and 2370 Controllers.

You don’t have to keep going back to purchase new controllers and test machines

Unforeseen test changes can often cost companies thousands of dollars for new test equipment and more customized controllers. Knowing that test machine controllers are adaptable to future changes in testing is important for people in fields such as R & D. Making changes to test control such as load timing and position values can be easy for users with some LabVIEW® programming knowledge. This can save companies large amount of valuable time and money.

Can I get a user programmable controller for my application?

Most applications can be performed with the M & 2370 Controllers

TestResources offers the M Controller as an affordable option paired with static test machines and the 2370 as a more comprehensive option for dynamic test machines. Our engineers are experts with our M and 2370 controllers and can configure the customized test setup for your specific requirements.