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Electromechanical test machines have been around for 70 years but they have only become truly affordable with recent developments in manufacturing technology and advancements in test controls development. Their widespread popularity has also made it possible to drive costs lower and lower.

TestResources manufactures a product line similar to the Instron 3300 and 5900 series. We also offer more than 500 related accessories for tension and compression test applications. In any solution comparison between Instron and TestResources TestResources solution is truly affordable and typically HALF PRICE of an Instron.

Beginning in the late 1990's TestResources started applying our new Smart Design approach to testing machine manufacturing. We now design products for their most common applications not for outlier or marginal applications that push requirements and manufacturing costs higher and higher. With Smart Design we are able to meet the vast majority of applications with a pragmatic cost effective solution.

In our experience first time test machine buyers need to perform a few standard tests so they need affordable solutions to economically justify the purchase of a machine. In these situations the test machine must perform tests efficiently accurately and inexpensively. These customers are not targeted by Instron. A large percentage of these first time test engineers seek increasingly sophisticated solutions and so our modular line of controllers is a great fit for them. They can expand our controller to serve unforeseen requirements. In many situations the controller is the most expensive component of the machine.

Contact us now to discuss your test application.

Our process begins by gathering test applications information to identify machine requirements for each application. Our machines can perform thousands of ASTM ISO EN DIN and JEDEC industry standard methods.

Our designers follow our 95/50 RULE which means that we target 95% of all the applications served by Instron’s 3300 Series at 50% of the Instron price. Our strategy has been to deliver machines optimized to perform static mechanical tests.

Why talk with a TestResources Engineer? Call us because we assist customers work though the details of their applications. Even experienced test engineers appreciate our engineers to uncover an overlooked consideration or even a misunderstanding about the requirements in a published standard test method. Add to this the fact that we have the widest variety of product offerings and it is really worth your while to spend 30 minutes talking with one of our engineers.

Discussions help because our customers tend to have testing applications with some unique consideration. Customers who are new to testing tend to consider training to be very important. Some customers want to key in on how the measurement is taken or how the fixture might be engineered for their unique test sample. Most often we find that each customer's test sample is unique and we also find that the presentation of the test report is especially critical to get the presentation right.

Need a non standard solution? That’s us.

Maybe you have something we have never seen before (it happens). But we really shine when it comes to solving special challenges. Our company philosophy has created an environment where our tailored solutions are often less expensive than others’ standard products. We love to be challenged because we shine. Give us a call - we will dive into solving your problem.

Grips and Fixtures for all test machines

Tensile grips are used for uniaxial testing to pull the sample apart or to a specified point of elongation. The most common styles are mechanical vise grips wedge grips and pneumatic grips. We will help you select the optimal grip or jaw taking into account the nature of your test sample. We will share the tradeoffs you have including price load capacity jaw design and all the considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Grips and Fixtures for all ASTM and ISO tests

TestResources product line includes hundreds of different multi-application tensile grips compression bend shear and peel fixtures. We specialize in the supply of test fixtures that match ASTM ISO DIN EN and Tappi test standards. We use materials matched to the fixtures application requirements including ambient high and low temperature environments and saline baths (for biomedical applications). Talk with one of our grip and test engineers.

Why pay Instron prices when you can buy from TestResources?

  • Work with an experienced application engineer – get our assurance that your machine will serve your test needs and applications
  • Get quick responses to your questions – call now
  • Competing options ensure you get your true needs met