You might be wondering where to even begin to configure a planar biaxial test system. There are just so many factors and so many options. You might feel like you hit a brick wall. Luckily we can help. We understand that your test application can be very unique and the “standard” products that are available just won't do. You may be surprised to discover that our test system modularity makes it possible to configure a solution to meet even the most unique aspects and challenges of your application. The more we know your application’s technical specifics the more likely we can satisfy your requirements quickly. In that spirit it helps us respond better when you share as much application information as possible.

Here are some example questions that we ask our customers when determining the best solution:

Q: What is the main reason you need a test machine?

Q: What are the different types of material or components to be tested?

Q: What types of tests are to be performed?

Q: What do you think is the maximum actuator stroke required (of each actuator)?

And more. 

Compare Our Solutions with Other Brands of Test Machines

If you are looking to invest in a planar biaxial test system make sure you are getting the highest return on your investment by asking us to compare the differences between our solutions and those of our competitors including TA Instruments Bose electroforce Enduratec Cellscale Biotester Zwick and Instron. Compare us with the competition before making a decision.

We can provide you a specific proposal and additional information about planar biaxial test machines biomaterials testers or biomedical test machines. Give us a call today and if possible please take a moment to share a little information regarding your test plan including test sample sizes material types loading requirements etc. You can print out the PDF questionnaire and fax it (with your answers and contact information) to 1-952-516-5391. Otherwise you can submit your answers to us here.

Contact us with or without answers to the list of questions above. Together we can define your testing requirements and arrive at a product configuration and solution.