Yes. Cyclic tests are possible depending on your test machines maximum test speed and the amount of sample compliance or stiffness. Most of our universal test machines can perform tension-tension and compression-compression tests at speeds up to 2 hz, assuming your test samples are relatively stiff. Operating faster than 2 hz becomes inefficient for an electromechanical test machine and can harm your servo motor.

The test waveform in cyclic applications depends on the controller type and the test speed. A sinusoidal or triangular control waveform is possible using our high speed PC based R Series controller. Our simpler and lower cost Q Series controller can produce a triangular waveform (not sinusoid) where the crosshead moves at constant speed between either load or position limits.

If you want higher test frequency or your sample has high stretch extension, then consider our electrodynamic test machines or servo hydraulic fatigue test machines which can deliver both higher speeds and higher loads at the same time. Also our fatigue test machines can handle higher loads without causing damage to the load frame components. Note that universal test machines are not designed for heavy usage as fatigue machines.

To learn more, contact an applications engineer who can help you sort out the best solution for your needs.