Newton is a powerful computer-based hardware, software and control platform that provides high-speed closed-loop control, command generation, transducer conditioning and data acquisition for electromechanical, electrodynamic and servohydraulic test actuators and machines.


The smart computerized base unit is designed for load, position and strain control applications and includes a processor motherboard with a universal connector and a single daughterboard with 16 channels DIO, 8 channels of analog output, 8 channels of analog input, and 2 wheatstone bridges. An expansion card doubles the channel count and functionality. 


The Newton platform offers 3 software packages that were created to perform a variety of test applications. All packages are designed to be configured as entry-level or premium bundles, however, they can be customized to meet exact customer requirements.
Newton Universal automates electromechanical and electrohydraulic static test machines.
Newton Fatigue provides measurement and control of electrodynamic, fatigue and servohydraulic test applications.
Newton Multichannel controls up to four actuators synchronized to each other by phase or in a master-slave.

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