Accidents Happen. Getting a spare load cell could save you a lot of trouble. If it can happen it will happen. We have seen it all from cleaning personnel accidentally hitting buttons on a keyboard to overzealous operators manhandling delicate equipment and breaking it while mounting to shipping damage to Local calibration company (Non-TestResources affiliated) comes in to calibrate and ends up breaking the load cell.

Just imagine your night shift operator was feeling a little sleepy when they changed test setups. They changed out the grips for a smaller set but they forgot to set the limits for the new set up forgot to zero the home position and started the test. The machine performs the test returns to the previous home position (which was set well past the collision point on the taller grips) and crushes the load cell. Your machine is now out of commision and your assembly line is shut down until you get a replacement load cell.

Starting as low as $575. A spare load cell is an inexpensive insurance policy and will reduce the risk of downtime which could be detrimental to your project or customer and end up costing you much more in the long run.

While we do our best to keep most of the common load cells in stock but supply and demand can vary widely as well as many other factors which could increase the amount of downtime that you may have associated with any one event.

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