Many customers come to us looking to test samples at some extreme temperatures. Recently, a professor of mechanical engineering at a major university came to TestResources for a bending test solution under high heat.

The customer needs to test a multilayer system created from Zirconia, Nickel and Steel at a working temperature of 850⁰ C, or 1562⁰ F. These blazing temperatures are not the only thing that makes this test a hot topic – the professor desires a bending test on the notched specimen, with a thickness of about 2.5 mm, length 70 mm and width 10mm, inside a furnace with an inside diameter of 5”. Alongside durability and compactness, the professor also requests maximum versatility.

The customer wants a flexible bending system with the capability to carry out tests for other sample dimensions and span requirements. Although this proves to be a unique challenge, we always hope our customers have versatility in their future testing and unforeseen needs.

The Solution

We created a custom solution for the professor: a 4 Point Bend Fixture with adjustable loading and support spans. The fixture is designed to fit inside the customer’s furnace and give them the most flexibility as possible for future tests.

The fixture is made of Inconel 718 in order to stand up to the 850⁰ C temperature requirements.

G238-X-1-4-110-110 - High Temp. Four Point Bend Test Fixture - 225 lb

  • Support span - 110 mm Long x 20 mm wide
  • Loading span - 110 mm Long x 20 mm wide
  • Metric ruler
  • Load capacity at maximum span: 1 kN (225 lb)
  • Integrated Anvils and rollers 0.5mm Radius (1mm Dia.)
  • 1/2"-20 Male thread for attaching to pull rods
  • Rated for 850°C