The price of a Universal test machine can be affected by a large number of factors but four main choices make up the final price tag for your universal test machine. With TestResources’ Smart Design method we configure test machines step by step to match your budget. Let's go over how your choices affect the price of a UTM.

  1. What material are you testing?
    The material of your specimen indicates the strength and largest cross-sectional area required to pull break or compress the specimen. Based upon force and test space required you can pick between three universal test machine price ranges. Take a look at all of our universal testers here.
  2. What form is the material in?
    The form of the material is another important factor for pricing a universal test machine. The form of the specimen can include shapes such as dogbone flatwise tube dumbbell etc. The shape of your material could also include component type samples made from several parts. Your material’s form will indicate the type of fixture you require. Fixtures ranging from huge tensile grips to tiny clevis grips can vary in price on average from $750 to $4 000. You can view our large product line of fixtures here. Specimen form also indicates the distance between columns. Large distance means the crosshead and base must be strong to minimize deflection and will raise the price tag.

  3. What type of test are you performing?
    Universal test machine prices can vary with your chosen test type. You can choose from: Do you need monotonic testing only or do you also need dynamic fatigue testing? TestResources electromechanical universal test machines perform monotonic only. For dynamic fatigue take a look at our dynamic and fatigue test machine page.

  4. What type of data do you want on your report?
    Once you have your basic test type down next you need to know what type of data that you want on the reports. The more complex data you need the more you will need to budget for your universal test machine. The most basic and low-cost options are simple tests such as pull to failure or pull to proof force. These types do not need software. TestResources offers different control products based on the complexity of the test profile data acquisition and data analysis.

100 Series Universal Test Machines

200 Series Universal Test Machines

300 Series Universal Test Machines
Force Up to 8.9 kN (2000 lbf) Up to 5 kN (1125 lbf) 5 kN to 500 kN (1125 lbf to 112 kip)
Speed 20 - 100 mm/min Up to 2500 mm/min 200 - 1000 mm/min
Travel 150 or 300 mm (5.9 or 11.8 in) 1400 mm (55 in) Up to 1240 mm (49 in)
Price $ $$ $$$

TestResources provides the best value in the industry for universal test machines. These machines are top-notch quality at attractive prices. And our engineers will work closely with you to ensure the machine is sized and configured to serve you successfully in your testing program. Contact us today to get started!