build your own test machineFor a variety of good reasons, you may choose to provide your own mechanical test fixtures and load reaction frames and want us to provide the test controller and actuator assembly. We support you by supplying controllers with test software matched to an actuator with stroke sensors and load cells selected to meet your application requirements.

Whether you’re creating a new test machine or expanding an existing system, TestResources' product line offers a variety of configurable system engineered test modules to meet your needs.

We offer three major types of static and fatigue rated actuators for testing. Our electromechanical, electrodynamic and servohydraulic actuators come in a variety of force ratings with a wide range of test speeds. The actuator force and position is controlled by a controller matched to the actuator type. Together, the controller and actuator offer an affordable solution to meet static and fatigue testing needs.

We also offer a wide choice of grips and fixtures, load cells, extensometers, environmental chambers. Multiple choices of test tables, mounting brackets, load frames and swivels allow you to meet the full needs of your application.

Configuring a Test Solution

Our corporate approach has been to make modular test systems that our applications engineers configure to meet unique customer requirements. This approach has caused our product line to expand with multiple controllers, actuators and applications. The beginning point of configuring a test system is to define the force and speed requirements with the channel count. Contact an applications engineer if you want help.


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Choosing an Actuator

Choosing the optimal actuator type and force range is the first step to creating a system configuration. The actuator is chosen to meet long term force, stroke and speed requirements of the machine. Electromechanical actuators are the most affordable and limited to quasistatic testing applications. Electrodynamic actuators are more expensive but deliver higher speed and load capacities. They are commonly used in dynamic and fatigue testing applications. Servo hydraulic actuators are the most expensive solution but deliver even higher speeds and loads.

Type -SeriesMaximum ForceAvailable StrokesMaximum SpeedMax Frequency
Electromechnical - DA 1400 lb (1.1 kN) 6 & 12 in 25 inches/min (10 mm/s) 2 Hz
Electromechanical - TO 5500 lb (25 kN) 6, 12, 18 in 5 inches/sec (125 mm/s) 2 Hz
Electrodynamic - E 17350 lb (77 kN) 6, 12, 18 in 40 inches/sec (1 m/s) 15 Hz
Servohydraulic - B2 550 kip (2500 kN) 6 & 12 in 0.8 inch/min (mm/s) 110 Hz
Servohydraulic - M2 220 kip (1.1 kN) 6 & 12 in 0.8 inch/min (mm/s) 100 Hz

Electromechanical Actuators
Electromechanical Actuators - Axial

Electromechanical actuators are the first choice where lowest cost, moderate force ratings and quasistatic test speed are required, such as in static tensile and compression tests. Each electromechanical actuator assembly includes a servomotor with gearhead sized to match the load and speed requirements, a digital position encoder or LVDT to measure position, linear bearings to minimize off center loading on the machine screw, integrated limit switches, enclosure, and mounting brackets for test tables or load frames.

ModelMaximum ForceAvailable StrokesMaximum SpeedMax Frequency
DA250 250 lb (1.1 kN) 6 & 12 in 25 inches / min (10 mm/s) 2 hz
DA500 500 lb (2.2 kN) 6 & 12 in 7 inches / min (2 mm/s)
DA1000 1000 lb (4.4 kN) 6 & 12 in 2 inches / min (0.85 mm/s)
DA1400 1400 lb (6.2 kN) 6 & 12 in 0.8 inches / min (0.30 mm/s)
TO2250 2250 lb (10 kN) 6, 12 or 18 inch 5 inches / sec (125 mm/s)
TO5500 5500 lb (25 kN) 6, 12 or 18 inch 3 inches / sec (75 mm/s)

The DA Actuator family is available with a mechanical interface matching T slotted aluminum extruded columns and plates and a 90 degree face mounted design.

The TO Actuator family features Pictures 1) mounted on a column and 2) ESS actuator on 90 degree mount plate


DA Series actuators are compatible with T slotted aluminum load frames, test tables and associated mounting brackets.

TO Series actuators feature an assortment of attachment fixtures including spherical rod ends, clevis rod ends, trunnion mounts, rear eye mounts and mounting plates.

Electrodynamic Actuators

Electrodynamic Actuators - Axial

Electrodynamic actuators deliver the next step up in force and speed and are fit for high frequency (15 hz) fatigue testing applications. These robust actuators are functionally comparable to electromechanical actuators but are built to exceed rated loads for hundreds of millions of cycles, so you can expect high reliability over a long functional life. Each actuator includes a motor, position encoder, linear bearings and limit switches mounted as an assembly. Power packs are included and matched to the actuator.

FamilyPeak Force*Available StrokesMaximum SpeedMax Frequency
E2 810 lb (3.5 kN) 3, 6, 12in 33 in/sec (825 mm/s) 15 Hz
E3 1900 lb (8.4 kN) 3, 6, 12, 18 in 25 in/s (635 mm/s)
E4 5500 lb (25 kN) 6, 12, 18 in 37 in/s (925 mm/s)
E5 11900 lb (52.7 kN) 6, 10, 14 in 40 in/s (1 m/s)
E6 17350 lb (77 kN) 6, 10 in 40 in/s (1 m/s)

*Continuous static force rating is ~70% of Peak Force


E Series actuators can be configured with T slotted aluminum and steel test tables, single and dual column load frames, spherical rod ends, clevis rod ends, trunnion mounts, rear clevis mounts and mounting plates.

Servohydraulic ActuatrosServohydraulic Axial Actuators

Servohydraulic actuators can deliver higher load and speed specifications than all-electric actuators. Because of their increased cost, they are mostly applied in sophisticated high-speed dynamic and fatigue testing applications.

Our B2 Series fatigue rated servohydraulic actuators deliver precision controlled high-reliability performance with long life. They deliver exceptional fidelity over the full range of motion, along with a superior ability to counteract multiaxial forces. Proprietary materials and processes minimize friction for excellent reliability, wear-resistance and energy-efficiency.

ModelMax ForceMax Frequency
B2-0025 5500 lb (25 kN) 100 hz
Specific performance depends on hydraulic power pack size
B2-0050 11250 lb (50 kN)
B2-0100 22500 lb (100 kN)
B2-0250 55000 lb (250 kN)
B2-0500 110 kip (1000 kN)
B2-1000 225 kip (1000 kN)
B2-xxxx Made to Requirements

M2 series are an economical solution for static or low-frequency testing, and available in both single ended and double ended designs.

ModelMax ForceMax Frequency
M2-0025 5500 lb (25 kN) 2 hz
specific performance depends on power pack
M2-0050 11250 lb (50 kN)
M2-0100 22500 lb (100 kN)
M2-0250 55000 lb (250 kN)
M2-0500 110 kip (500 kN)
M2-1000 225 kip (1000 kN)
M2-xxxx Made to requirements

We offer hydraulic power packs in sizes from 1 to 100 GPM (400 LPM)


B2 and M2 Series actuators feature an assortment of T slotted baseplates and special attachment fixtures including spherical rod ends, clevis rod ends, and spiral washers.

Choose Your Test Machine Controls

Newton is TestResources' powerful computer-based hardware, software, and control platform for electrostatic, electrodynamic and servohydraulic test systems. The Newton platform offers 3 software packages that were created to perform a variety of test applications. All packages are designed to be configured as entry-level or premium bundles, however, they can be customized to meet exact customer requirements.

Universal Test Machine Software  Newton Universal automates electromechanical and electrohydraulic static test machines.
  • Constant rate control of position, load or strain
  • Single and dual segment tests
  • Cyclic testing to defined endpoints
 Fatigue Test Machine Software Newton Fatigue provides measurement and control of electrodynamic, fatigue and servohydraulic test applications.
  • Constant amplitude control of load, position or strain
  • Powerful test profile builder
  • 1 to 4 channels of input/output
 Multichannel Test Machine Software Newton Multichannel controls up to four actuators synchronized to each other by phase or in a master-slave.
  • 2 Channel
  • 3 Channel
  • 4 Channel


Learn more about the Newton Test Machine Controller