Horizontal Torsion Test Machine with Controller

Mechanical testing labs give students the opportunity to experience the concepts they are taught in lecture. The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at Concordia University, in Montreal, Quebec, outfitted one of their student teaching laboratories with three TestResources torsion test machines. The 161QTG10 torsion test machines were custom developed to be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation and designed to the parameters of the laboratory experiments assigned to the students. In their course, students use the torsion test machines to apply a torque to aluminum, brass, and steel dumbbell type specimens, measuring the angular deflection of the test sample. These experiments provide hands-on experience with the theories of elastic material behavior and help to reinforce instruction in torsional mechanics. The 161QTG10 is a custom design of the versatile 160 series torsion test machines. The 160QTG10, like the 160 series machines, features an adjustable actuator position to allow for a variety of test specimen sizes. TestResources has a broad experience providing test equipment for university teaching and research laboratories. The 100 series machines are popular for instruction laboratories, configurable with a variety of machine controllers and accessories to perform tensile, compression, stress relaxation, creep, and shear test in monotonic or sawtooth cyclic loading. The 800 level electrodynamic machines have been a popular choice for academic and institutional research laboratories.

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