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When choosing tensile test equipment for steel metal , look for machines that are capable of high pull test force loads on stiff high modulus test specimens. Steel metal tensile testing machines include a variety of options including tensile wedge action, mechanical or hydraulic grips, and clamps or jaws which are compatible with hard metal test samples. TestResources tensile testing machines can cover a broad range of steel products such as metal steel wire, carbon steel chain, flat plate, dog bone, steel welded plate, reinforcing bar or rebar, rod, cable, strand, pipe, castings, forgings, fasteners, sheet, foil, heavy plate slabs and billets, hot rolled plate and strip, and welded plate. Steel tensile strength testing machines, tension testers and tensile test equipment feature optional tensile testing software and extensometers. With these items, you can report Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, tensile yield strength, and tensile strain-hardening. Tensile test variations include tensile adhesion, tensile compression, tensile shear, tensile stiffness, tensile modulus, tensile lap shear, tensile energy fracture, textile tensile grab, tensile pulling, tension fatigue, tensile creep, tensile bond strength, tensile load, axial pull, break test, modulus of elasticity, tensile stress strain, plastic strain ratio, cross tension, tensile stress test, tension compressive, tensile tear properties, and loop tensile strength. TestResources tensile test equipment is modular and configured by our applications engineers to match your specific material, sample type and test method. Our product line includes a wide variety of test machines, test software, grips, test fixtures, extensometers, sample preparation aids, and environmental chambers. Contact us or call to discuss your test application today!

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