3 Point Flexture Test Setup for Polyethylene Plastics

Polyethylene or polythene is the most widely used plastic with a primary use for packaging (plastic bag, plastic films, geomembranes, etc.). HDPE is used in products and packaging such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, margarine tubs, garbage containers and water pipes. One third of all toys are manufactured from HDPE. MDPE has good shock and drop resistance properties. It also is less notch sensitive than HDPE, stress cracking resistance is better than HDPE. MDPE is typically used in gas pipes and fittings, sacks, shrink film, packaging film, carrier bags and screw closures. LDPE is used for both rigid containers and plastic film applications such as plastic bags and film wrap. Physical or mechanical tests are performed to generate the following data for plastics: tensile modulus tensile strength flexural modulus flexural strength Thin film plastics tests include: puncture tests secant modulus tensile strength tensile elongation TestResources plastic testing equipment is modular and configured by our applications engineers to meet the requirements of our customers’ unique applications. Plastic compression testing machines can be built to include many products from our product line, including; test software, grips, test fixtures, extensometers, environmental chambers, and sample preparation aids. Call today to speak directly with an applications engineer.

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